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בקרוב הגרסה המוקלטת של השיר

For all those who had neither a voluntary association of their own, nor money, I sang my songs and I did my best to give them the love they’d never received. The simple truth is that something has value only when we decide to value it. And the simple truth of the reality that surrounds us is that a politician of Israeli background, and in general many men in the Middle East, don’t dare enjoy a random street performance by a good artist because an occurrence like that simply doesn’t happen. No, not “I can’t!” I don’t want to. A politician will never be able to appreciate the real need for a street performance-not-dependant-on-anything in a way reminiscent of the way Moti knew how to appreciate it when he saw me perform last summer on Rothschild Boulevard, right after we cleaned the wounds on his legs in the first aid tent, the one that finally appeared for Moti in the street