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Many times I fear that I won’t worry differently and they’ll always be able to link me to the Jewish religion as an artist in the world, and as a good Israeli of our day, I don’t want one more person to ride on that and tell me who I am.  Just because I was born in… Read more here.

Welcome to my spiritual home

This is actually quite exciting, don’t you think? for me it is, that’s for sure. I always knew that  one day I would have a Web site of my own but never was sure when. I guess now is the time. Hallelujah! As a grown Israeli Woman living in the year of 2012 I’ve learned many different things about my nature and of  the reflection of that on the society I live in. Of course the reflection works both ways so I believe we have a lot more  responsibility as individuals than we wish to  acknowledge most of the time. Meanwhile, I’ll try to make a long story short so it can become just a sentence that  persuades you to take deeper interest in my art. In my articles I talk about everything I’ve learned ’til now and in my music I sing about any feeling that comes along as I move through this beautiful thing called life.


Photos: Left one by Sheva, Right one by Danny Mindroul

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