Hey there, My name is Tamar. Anywaythat’s what I answer too.

Some people ask me how do I define myself, but I never seem to find a better answer than my name. I mean, yes, off course, I am an artist but people seem to have many misconceptions about that definition.

I was born in Israel in the year 1980; my mother wanted to name me Joy, but she was afraid that “they” would change that to the Hebrew meaning so I was simply named Tamar (a date- that sweet sweet fruit).

I’ve been making music since the age of 22, prior to that I thought I would be an actress. I love music, plus when I’m on stage I confront all the sides of me which I love from the bottom of my heart. Nevertheless I do indeed consider myself an artist due to the fact I find love in the art of many things, such as writing, acting, photography and even politics. Not that I wish to be a  politician considering the look of that nowadays, but I do believe that through politics one can make a difference in many people’s lives. Off course music has a huge effect on our lives, but the effect of the two is totally different. 

During the past few years I have performed madly wherever I could, I even got a taste of Amman (Jordan) and beautiful France and Switzerland. Through my path as an Israeli Musician, desperate to break free, I also had the pleasure of confronting the authorities of the law regarding the sad situation of Street Artists in my country. As I got most of my experience and audience while performing on the streets of this little swamp I call my country, my heart is very close to this matter. I find that the wide open space of the streets should definitely (and defiantly) be a place for expressing ones feelings and deepest thoughts & opinions. I also believe that this might be exactly what we need to bring Peace to our part of the world, and that those who are indifferent or opposed to Street Art are simply afraid of how it might influence their lives.

So what’s next?

Writing my opinions, delivering them to the people in as many languages as I can, and travelling the world in order to get some perspective of this place I find so hard to call my home. I guess I can make a living with my guitar anywhere, but we’ll have to see about that. That’s it for now…

Feel free to browse your way to whatever is here for you.


Photo By Danny Mindroul